Electrical Power Supply Summary

  • Local EirGrid substation has additional 200 MW capacity
  • National Grid transmission lines adjacent site
  • Capability for two, 220kV transmission connections direct to site, incorporating four circuits
  • Capability for one 110kV transmission connection direct to site, incorporating two circuits
  • Notable that ‘firm capacity’ electrical power supply is offered by EirGrid, in this region
  • Green Energy options to lower carbon footprint

Power Infrastructure

The utility power infrastructure for this data center campus is designed to be scalable, concurrently maintainable and fault tolerant. The high voltage transmission and substation infrastructure will operate at 220kV.

This design is based on a resilient ring bus topology at the substation that eliminates single points of failure and provides large capacity and high power availability via diverse 220kV transmission connections.

The design and implementation of the power infrastructure was reviewed and approved by EirGrid and ESB. This design allows the owner to take advantage of Eirgrid’s transmission tariffs and high availability of the national 220kV transmission network in Ireland.

Mains Services

The site is accessible to all mains services, including water and gas supply.


Fibre Optic Connections

Data Hub West is well served with fibre optic backhaul infrastructure for communication with the global service providers on the east cost of Ireland. All the main fibre providers have provided proposals to connect to Data Hub West.

Multiple Networks with fibre optic cable connections capability in the region include:

  • Aurora
  • ESB Telecom
  • BT Telecom (via railway line, 1 mile from site)
  • Eir
  • E-Net